Abertura do MoodleMoot 2022 – Education for the future

Faltam somente 10 dias para o MoodleMoot Brasil 2022.

A palestra de abertura será feita por Marie Achour – Global Head of Products do Moodle HQ



Dr. Martin Dougiamas – CEO and Founder, Moodle

Marie Achour – Global Head of Products

Education for the future

Freedom in education technology is fundamental to allowing education to flourish and grow in a more equitable and accessible way and that is why Moodle LMS, is, and will always remain an open source platform.  Over the last 20 years, Moodle’s open source philosophy has underpinned its exponential growth, and it is now one of the world’s most trusted and customisable learning management systems with over 300 million learners worldwide.  In this presentation, Moodle’s Global Head of Products, Marie Achour, outlines Moodle’s support of open education as crucial to reimagining and renewing education for our collective benefit.  The presentation will include a summary of how an open education ecosystem can transform the future of education and foster a model of lifelong learning that promotes social equity, sustainability and global solidarity.  At its core, the movement recognises that an empowered teacher or educator requires access to quality resources, skills and tools in order to facilitate the education of a group of people. This includes open methods in accessing resources, an equitable approach to how to use resources and tools effectively and an open ed tech infrastructure that is reliable and accessible to all.  With detailed insights into the latest developments of the Moodle platforms including Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace, Moodle Academy and MoodleNet, this presentation will provide both philosophical and practical insights into how Moodle supports its mission to “empower educators to improve our world”. 

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